Standard Film Faced Plywood is our regular standard quality volume production film faced plywood 40 to 45 containers per month,normally exterior melamine glue and MR glue ,poplar core ,all fresh poplar core veneer ,two times hot pressing and three times hot pressing film faced plywood ,has no special high end applications requirements .Such kinds of standard film faced plywood are the volume production in Whole China,we have no prices advantage as we always use high quality core veneer and better film ,so our prices are normally a little higher than most of the factories .This is our disadvantage ,but most of our current clients like our quality ,they said our plywood can sell faster than their other vendors .Our major markets are European ,Middle east,Africa ,USA and Canada and Australia markets for such standard quality film faced plywood.

Compared with our Phenolic WBP film faced plywood and Joint core film faced plywood ,the prices and the quality are in the middle place ,mostly poplar core and hardwood core both .But all smoothly sanded both sides and the thickness tolerance is tight +/-0.5mm and +/-0.8mm both .

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