Joint Core Film Faced Plywood is a cheap film faced plywood,has finger joint recycled core and butt joint core types .The quality is low but very cheap ,just for regular speical use ,can not use for high requirements applications .

No Glue formaldehyde emission guarantee ,no span loading guarantee ….When you buy and use it ,please compare carefully .

The weight is more higher than standard fresh core veneer film faced plywood,as the recycled core is typically heavier because already passed 2 or 3 times hot pressing .

We are produce very less such quality plywood ,but all high quality recycled core film faced plywood ,we removed all the nails and concrete before start the production ,all selected joint core without delamination or edges shortage .So ,when you buy from us ,quality is our guarantee .

1250×2500 ,1220x2440x15mm and 18mm,all two times hot pressing and three times hot pressing plywood .

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